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It is said that way to mans heart is through his stomach so to impress Ur dear ones i would like to share some of my recipes which are konkani and also non Konkani traditional food. I have learn t them from different people, books, watching different TV programs, internet etc due to my interest in cooking and the guidance from my dearest Mom. I must admit most part of inspiration has come to me from my mother who is an excellent cook. i know i cant match with her still i would like to do good cause of sharing the recipes thr my blog and would be happy to hear success stories from you who have tried recipes posted here. It would be my pleasure, if you’ve benefited in some way by what you read on this blog.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Araroot cake ( Duddali)

This was my first try for duddali, all time favourite. Always my mom used to prepare this n i used to finish it fully. 
 2tbsp Araroot powder
 1tsp cardamom powder
 3tbsp sugar
 2cup of milk
 water if required
 1tbsp Ghee
 5strands of saffron soaked in milk

  1. soak the araroot powder overnight in water and drain it next morning.
  2. Mix in milk and sugar and also cardamom powder. Add saffron mixed in milk. Pour the mixture in the pan and heat the mixture. 
  3. Add water if required and also add ghee and stir continusouly till no lumps are formed and the mixture is thickened very well.
  4. Grease the plate and pour the mixture in the plate and allow to cool. Cut the cake into square pieces.

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